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Complete logistic solutions, line handling services, container terminal, internal and local market services,
logistics support services according to the rules and regulations in practice.
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Container Terminal

Ship container loading - unloading with a daily capacity of 400 containers / day. We own fairly large storage deposits for full or empty containers.

Line handling services

Loading and unloading river ships carrying general goods, big bags, merchandise pallets, oversized goods, agricultural fertilizers.

Professional Equipment

17 and 15 tons cranes, 2 and 3,5 tons forklifts and a 45 tons Kalmar machine, as well as a quai with an area of 1400 sqm and a length of 200 m.

Welcome to Amenajare Port Containere Dunarean

”Amenajare Port Containere Dunarean” SRL started its operations in 2005 and since then,
it has represented the most important general goods and container terminal for the Giurgiu Free Zone and Harbor region.

Terminal of container and goods in the Port of Giurgiu

What characterizes us in marketing:

Terminal of container and goods in the Port of Giurgiu

General goods and container handling in the APCD terminal from the Giurgiu harbor:

• Steel / iron goods (coils and metal roofing sheet packages, wire coils, etc.)
• Agricultural equipment
• Containers of goods
• Oversized parts
• Seasonal import / export of agricultural goods

General goods and container terminal as well as the handling line from the Giurgiu Free Zone and Harbor region enjoy an excellent strategic location:

The location of the terminal as well as the handling line have an extreme value by providing us multiple advantages due to their:
• Short distance to Bucharest (by road and by rail)
• Short distance to Constanta (by ship)
• Short distance to the Western Europe (on the river / on the sea)
• Short distance to Bulgaria (by car / by ship / by rail)

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