Container Terminal and General Cargo Port Giurgiu

   "Amenajare Port Containere Dunarean Giurgiu" SRL, through Mainrom Line (2012) Israel Ltd as its major shareholder, performs its activity in the Giurgiu City Harbor, on the Danube River, which represents an important way of access into Europe.
    Our container terminal provides a quick and efficient connection between the two harbors from Giurgiu and Constanta as well as a strong tie with the most important lines of transportation: on the river, the sea and on the road. This connection is insured by the container transportation lines between Giurgiu and Constanta thus relying on multiple facilities for the international transit.
    Enjoying a position that grants it multiple advantages (60 kilometers from Bucharest), the A.P.C.D. container terminal from Giurgiu represents an efficient access gate to the western and eastern European markets due to the low costs and transportation lengths."Amenajare Port Containere Dunarean Giurgiu" SRL operates inside the Giurgiu Free Zone, where it has multiple distribution possibilities, thus offering its clients a wide range of operation facilities.
    The companies that are part of this group develop a wide range of activities, including: harbor services (goods handling in the harbor), storage as well as other related activities to the Giurgiu Free Zone.

Our activity field of expertise:

• Amenajare Port Containere Dunarean
• Handling goods / container terminal
• Real Estate Portual
• Goods distribution and storage inside the free zone

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